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Mattec MES
Mattec MES is a real-time production and process monitoring system that runs on Microsoft Windows. Learn more...

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About Epicor Mattec MES

Mattec was founded in 1983 for the purpose of creating a real-time shop floor monitoring system, primarily for the plastics industry. Mattec's staff provided the technical and business tools to design and create the data collection hardware and software for ProHelp®, the first generation product from Mattec.

The first products from Mattec were designed primarily for the injection molding industry. In the years since, the company has expanded its product offerings to include systems for all types of manufacturing, including blow molding, extrusion, blown film applications, and related plastics processes. In addition, the company now has systems for printing, metal stamping, packaging, assembly, and other secondary operations. Mattec's primary market focus today remains with shop floor systems for industrial applications.

The majority of Mattec's North American staff is resident at Mattec's headquarters in Mason, Ohio. A number of field resident employees are stationed throughout the United States both for sales and service support. The largest percentage of Mattec employees are engaged in engineering development and customer service.

Mattec's established customer base has over 1,000 separate plantwide systems throughout the world. Systems are currently installed in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, England, Germany, Hungary, India, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Lithuania, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Scotland, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, United States, Wales, and elsewhere. Sales and service for international accounts are provided by a number of leading agencies throughout the world.

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Through The Years...
1983 - Mattec introduces ProHelp®, a production and process monitoring system for up to 96 machines.

1985 - Mattec adds SPC/SQC capabilities and Family Molding Software to ProHelp®.

1987 - Mattec adds PLC Interface capabilities to ProHelp®.

1991 - Mattec introduces ProHelp® 1000, a networked system that runs on QNX and is capable of monitoring up to 4,096 machines.

1994 - Mattec introduces ProHelp® Millennium, an open-architecture system that runs on UnixWare (a PC-based version of UNIX SVR4).

1998 - Mattec adds Cavity Pressure Control capabilities to ProHelp® Millennium.

1999 - Mattec introduces Mattec MES, a graphical system that runs on Microsoft Windows and uses SQL Server as a database engine.

2004 - Mattec improves FDA compliance in Mattec MES.

2006 - Mattec merges with Solarsoft Business Systems (formerly CMS Software).

2013 - Mattec (Solarsoft Business Systems) merges with Epicor Software.

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