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Current Version Numbers

ProHelp® EPM Release
Fix 4-28-2010
ProHelp® EPM.
THE-MAN-A-ger© Release
Fix 4-28-2010
TSMIU 750-E600 Revision B ProHelp® EPM-specific TSMIU.
TSMIU 750-F600 Revision A ProHelp® EPM-specific TSMIU-0.
TSMIU 750-D600 Revision E TSMIU-0 for ProHelp® EPM and ProHelp® Millennium.
TSMIU 750-B600 Revision E ProHelp® EPM-specific TSMIU.
TSMIU 750-A600 Revision G ProHelp® EPM and ProHelp® Millennium TSMIU.
MIU-10X98 750-9600, Rev J
MIU-5X98 750-9600, Rev J
MIU-10X98, 4-in-1 750-9800, Rev C
AIU-98 750-9600, Rev J
MIU-9 750-8300
DC-12 750-5700 Data concentrator.
MIU-8DP (CPU-A) 750-6686, Rev H
(CPU-B) 750-6886, Rev H
MIU-7DP (CPU-A) 750-6686, Rev H
(CPU-B) 750-6886, Rev H
MIU-6DP (CPU-A) 750-6686, Rev H
(CPU-B) 750-6786, Rev H
MIU-5DP (CPU-A) 750-6686, Rev H
(CPU-B) 750-6786, Rev H
Latest Release
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